This is the edition 1 list of topics. Once someone has chosen a topic, they will put their name and chosen topic in a new post. Please choose a topic from the available ones. If you are unable to write an article for the remaining topics, for whatever reason, please email the magazine with a reason why and we will try to accommodate you as best we can. We realise people will have different specialisms, and we do not want topics written with the best intentions, but with no experience or only a very basic knowledge. Thank you!

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Edition 1 topics: (red = taken, but please check recent posts)
1. What is a will?
2. Who can write a will?
3. Key things to include in a will.
4. What happens when someone dies without a will?
5. The different people in a will - who to include.
6. Types of gifts that can be made in a will.
7. Things a will can't do.
8. Writing a will - the choices available. (i.e. will writer, solicitor, diy)
9. Who can advise on a will?
10 How can a will be amended, changed or revoked?
11. Looking after children with a will.

12. What is probate?
13. Who is involved with probate?
14. How are someones wishes carried out?
15. When do disputes arise?
16. Inheritance tax - what is it and when is it paid?
17. Reducing inheritance tax - an introduction.
19. Trusts - the basics.
20. Dealing with property and your home in a will and probate issues.

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