Hello contributors! The site is getting established on Google now and the next steps should be to fill some gaps in the articles we have already and to begin working on expanding on some key points. What I have noticed on the way people are finding us, is that it seems people are looking for answers to issues and contentious matters. This is great if you deal with this area, although not everyone will be. Therefore I would suggest that if you deal with contentious areas that you suggest areas you have the most experience in. Therefore if you want to write a specific article on undue influence, please write this below so that everyone can see what is being written currently. Before you post a topic, make sure it fits in with what we have on the site already and that nobody else is writing about this. It is not a big issue, but it will be best if we keep covering a wide area rather than all focus on a specific topic.

Otherwise, I have put a few useful topics below to whoever prefers to do these. Please post a reply saying which topic you want. Please feel free to write when you have time. I will of course try to target the bigger contributors first (based not just on the number of articles, but their depth as well etc) when we have enquiries.

1. An introduction to lasting powers of attorney.
2. The duties and responsibilities of attorneys.
3. The costs of arranging a lasting power of attorney.
4. How to register an enduring power of attorney.
5. Losing mental capacity and its effects on a persons finances.
6. How a will can protect against nursing home fees.
7. Lifetime trusts - an introduction.
8. Why lasting powers of attorneys are important.

Scott request - Pilot trusts

Additional topics required please:

1. Discretionary trusts v interest in possession trusts
2. Taxation of trusts

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