We are at edition 2, so please choose up to 3 topics from this list. Just leave a comment below and I will make that topic red. Thank you! Where we are late into June and topics are left, then I will open the number of articles to more than 3 per person if required.

1. Professional advice and regulation - an article looking at how will writers are able to give professional advice now (due to training/experience etc) and how regulation may affect things (general advice and standards being raised etc)
2. Appointing executors - their duties and responsibilities
3. Replacing executors - looking at how an executor can be replaced.
4. Overseas property and assets issues
5. Why wills fail
6. Funeral considerations - the choices between cremation/burial/green funerals or not specifying anything in a will and the effect of this.
7. Professional willwriting bodies - a magazine focus article. Taken by the editor.
8. Inheritance tax - when and how it is paid
9. Professional trustees v. lay - looking at the difference, the issues that are caused by having lay execs, what happens when lay execs need replacing etc.
10. Breaking down probate costs - a look at a probate bill - from initial instructions to selling property etc - where do the fes go?
11. Professional qualifications - what they mean - What does it mean to be a solicitor in practice? How is this different from a non solicitor will writer. STEP qualifications and ILEX etc - how does a person differentiate between the different qualifications? Does 30 years of practice but no qualifications = a bad will writer?
12. Definition of a dodgy willwriting firm - how to spot a firm to stay away from, from very low cost wills by home visiting instruction takers, to lack of membership of any body / no PI cover etc.
13. Intestacy rules
14. Finding beneficiaries - practical issues - what can be done to find a lost beneficiary?
15. The Probate Registries - what they do - a short guide to their role, how they help the public etc.
Scott Walker
6/7/2012 09:11:28 pm

2. Appointing executors - their duties and responsibilities

6/7/2012 09:27:02 pm

I just wanted to Welcome Scott, Fiona and Nigel as the last of the main contributors. I felt we needed to push for a few more articles as the magazine needs a fair number of articles to be picked up widely enough (via google searches etc), so it is certainly in all our interests to have more articles.

We now have a wide range of contributors - mostly solicitors - with a range of trading styles (self employed, partners, company owners etc) but the key thing is we all have experience, albeit some with many years in the industry who can probably type wills with their eyes closed if they wanted to!

Just to reiterate what this magazine is about - a resource for the public, (and later for fellow colleagues) and an opportunity to get some more business, contribute to a new and unique project, and to also help shape how it develops. This will not succeed without our joint efforts so we should jointly participate and benefit where possible.

6/7/2012 11:04:28 pm

Inheritance Tax - when and how it is paid

Scott Walker
6/29/2012 12:02:26 am

6. Funeral Considerations

Michael King
7/12/2012 08:40:48 am

3. Replacing executors


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