The latest submissions are now up if you would like to check them out. Thanks!
Please let me know what extra sections would be useful to have / make things more interesting. Examples could be a twitter link, your best case/worst case etc. Thanks!
Before I move your details over, what do you think of the revised look? You now have a page each as well as the summary page. Click on the link below and then my picture (Oliver Waite) to see what it looks like. Also, any suggestions for extra headings here (Hobbies, favourite quotation etc - but preferably something more interesting than those...) Only my picture works for now and everything new is still hidden.
If you would like to say hi to each other - please use this post. Firstly, thank you all again for taking part and the magazine will do its upmost to get the site noticed by the search engines to drive some enquiries your way. My experience in business has always been that when you help someone, benefits tend to come back to you, and this site is just the start of something quite different in the will and probate industry. 

As I mentioned in an email, I had some experience when working with a publishing company on the behind the scenes activity, and things like award ceremonies and having an industry forum can be very important in getting your firm noticed. I can certainly see the magazine taking the lead in the near future on events like that. But first, little steps...!

So feel free to talk a little about yourself and maybe you can offer a service that benefit the rest of us?
Hi everyone, and thanks for your interest so far. About 8 people (c. half of the confirmed contributors) have taken articles and just over half of those have given their descriptions with a photo. You can always change your photo at any time, just let me know!

The aim is that by the end of April, we will have some of the more basic will and probate issues covered, before looking at areas in more detail and getting a bit more technical. The benefits of going with the meatier topics will be that you may get more interest from readers - especially those with immediate needs. I certainly hope that the magazine will produce new clients for all of the contributors. Enquiries straight to the website will be handed out to contributors with the higher volume of writing first.

As the site develops, we will begin to attract the likes of Google, and I will let you know how the site develops in this regard. Also, when the site is ready, we can move onto a site which can search for articles better, as at the moment, articles will need to be searched for manually. So lots in pipeline
Please post any questions relating to your first articles - timescales etc - here. This way, everyone can see what is happening, and where more general questions can be answered.

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    If you have any questions that are relevant to contributors, articles etc, please use the blog so everyone can see. For all other queries please email us.


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