If you would like to say hi to each other - please use this post. Firstly, thank you all again for taking part and the magazine will do its upmost to get the site noticed by the search engines to drive some enquiries your way. My experience in business has always been that when you help someone, benefits tend to come back to you, and this site is just the start of something quite different in the will and probate industry. 

As I mentioned in an email, I had some experience when working with a publishing company on the behind the scenes activity, and things like award ceremonies and having an industry forum can be very important in getting your firm noticed. I can certainly see the magazine taking the lead in the near future on events like that. But first, little steps...!

So feel free to talk a little about yourself and maybe you can offer a service that benefit the rest of us?
Scott Walker
6/28/2012 11:59:04 pm

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself and say hi.

Hope to chat with some of you soon!



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